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Keepler is the only app and community designed to help you thrive in your relationships — whether you’re seriously single, casually dating, all-in committed, or somewhere in between.

Not another place to swipe.
A place to grow.

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Dating is hard

Your relationships get stronger as you get better at communicating effectively, demonstrating authenticity, and identifying your values—so many skills are vital to relationship success!

Let us help

At Keepler, we know these things are hard to learn alone. So we're here to facilitate this skill-building through content, coaching, and community building—and hold your hand along the way.
How it works

Expert-led and peer-driven, Keepler is designed to meet you where you are—providing endless opportunities for connection and reflection.
You can use Keepler to:

Learn more
Start and follow conversations in public forums
We’re doing it differently—no echo chambers or gossipy threads
Meet with relationship, dating, and life coaches
Get personalized guidance and a helpful sounding board
Give and get advice on a wide range of topics
Think: long-distance dating, breakups, first-date tips
Access expert-backed articles
Designed to help you develop skills, clarity, and confidence
Studies show that

Nearly 80% of dating app users feel burned out by online dating.

But we don’t need stats to tell us that swipe culture is broken. We see it every day!  We started Keepler to give people the support they need to actually enjoy...
But we don’t need stats to tell us that swipe culture is broken. We see it every day!  We started Keepler to give people the support they need to actually enjoy...
...and even have the time of their lives in whatever stage they're in, and give them the best chance for relationship success!
Who We Are
So we built a totally new experience that went beyond the match — positioning personal development as the key to romantic fulfillment, and creating a space that helped people feel safe and supported.

As seen in:

Now, we’re giving you a new way to find your best relationships. Because finding love should be fun — and we all deserve to enjoy the journey.
Since we knew you’d ask...
Yes, people can (and do!) use Keepler alongside their dating apps. We like to say that we help build the skills to use the tools of dating apps. In addition, a number of Keepler members are already happily in relationships, and using our app as a way to strengthen those relationships!
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Keepler members are already sharing the love:

27 yo
It's refreshing to engage in conversations that go beyond small talk, and I've already met some incredible people through Keepler. Highly recommended for those seeking more depth and substance in their dating journey.
45 yo
Keepler brings such an interesting twist to the dating app scene! The emphasis on growing together is a great way to break the ice and create connections based on more than just physical appearance.
50 yo
With continuous improvements and growth, Keepler has the potential to redefine how we approach online dating. Totally changed my mind on coaching and self development!
28 yo
I haven’t dated in many years and Keepler has been amazing in helping me figure out if I want to date and more importantly learn how to spend my time well regardless if I’m dating or not!
35 yo
I’ve been on a good amount of dates but never a committed relationship. I'm excited to learn from Keepler how to find a long-term partner.

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