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Don’t just find a relationship.
Find yourself.

Keepler is reimagining the online dating experience to help people strengthen their sense of self and find connection along the way.

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We know you know.
Online dating is broken.

There’s a reason that so many people have given up on dating apps. The experience can be lonely, awkward, and even downright creepy. We knew there had to be a better way… so we built it.

Our app treats people like people – not data points.

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Keepler is the first dating community designed to help you feel less alone on your journey — whether you’re looking to share stories, find a first date spot, or get some advice.

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You’ll have access to coaches that help you date with intention and confidence — because the key to finding the right relationship is improving the one you have with yourself.

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Our matching algorithm goes beyond binary inputs to find connections that other apps miss. We’ve also built features like “IRL Mode” to help you bring conversations off the screen and into the world — safely.

The result: a journey that’s more fun, and less lonely—and of course, one that leads to more love stories.

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