Product Questions

Is this a dating app, a relationship app, or what?
So…what is Keepler?
How do I access the Keepler Community?
What is a cohort a.k.a. an Inner Circle?
What if I don’t like my cohort, a.k.a. my Inner Circle?
Is Keepler available on Android and iOS?
How can I learn about updates and new features?
I found a bug! How do I tell you about it?
I have an idea for a new feature! How can I get in touch?
I have some general feedback on the app. Where can I send it?


How do I register for the Keepler app?
I logged out of the Keepler app, and now I can’t seem to log back in. What should I do?


How will you use my contact information and personal data?
Will other users have access to my phone number and email address?
If I delete my account, do you keep my information?

Phone and Email Verification

Why do you ask for my phone number and email address?


What kind of information will be shown on my profile?
Can I change my profile?
How is Keepler different from other apps?
How can I get the most value out of the Keepler community?


How do I join the Keepler Community?
How do I start a group?
Is the Keepler Community for dating, friendship, or something else?
What do I do if someone is being rude or inappropriate?
Where can I find Keepler’s Code of Conduct?


Will one-on-one coaching be available?


Can I cancel my membership?


Where can I access the full Keepler Community Member Playbook?
I’d like to check out the Keepler Community Guidelines. Where can I read more?
I haven’t seen my question listed here. Where can I go for more information?
Why do you have an enforcement policy?


Hate Speech:
How the Keepler app works?


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Terms of service and use

Privacy Policy

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