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The Keepler community is an open digital space where humans can find support, understanding, and belonging on their romantic journeys. The community welcomes individuals interested in personal growth, self-awareness, and intentional love.

We are an inclusive online community. We believe in equity across the spectrum of human experience. We recognize that many groups have been systematically and functionally marginalized through in person and online communities.

In dating and across the spectrum of relationships, this can be particularly daunting as people with marginalized identities often fear for their physical safety and online security, and have oftentimes had negative past experiences. Keepler is dedicated to building an inclusive online relationship culture. We know that in order to do this, we must enforce standards of civility that recognize and respond to harassment and discrimination. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, ableism, or any other type of hate on our platform.

Key Philosophies

  • We tolerate everyone who tolerates everyone.
  • Inclusion cannot exist without an intolerance of hate.
  • The only way for tolerance to exist is if intolerance doesn’t.
  • Everyone is a full person deserving of respect.
  • Love cannot be built on hate.
  • We recognize that hate has many forms.


  • Compassionate Connection

We support and uplift each other with the intention of curating a positive experience.

  • Courageous Growth

Relationships are an opportunity for growth and Keepler will aim to keep you accountable to your own self-awareness.

  • Safety in Non Judgement

We model non-judgement so that all community members can embrace radical candor.

  • Empowered Bravery

We ask that you show up as your fullest, most human self when engaging in the community.

  • Level 3 Honesty

Level 3 is where things start to get positively uncomfortable; discomfort brings on big audacious growth.

  • Level 1 → Socially Acceptable Surface Truths
  • Level 2 → Perceived Trust and Increased Candor
  • Level 3 → Radical Candor = Growth Zone

⭐ Inspiration is a combo of REI levels of fun and Kim Scott

Levels of Comfort


To get and give the most of this community, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Practice Reciprocity: You are the heart and soul of Keepler. Collective reciprocity and contribution are fundamental to the authenticity and quality of this growth-centered space. Show up for your community by being vulnerable and brave enough to share your unique talents, knowledge, life experiences, and words of wisdom. Follow through with open and respectful communication. Ask for help when you need it and give support when you can.
  • Be Welcoming: We expect all users to create a welcoming and inclusive environment. Content that is intended to harm, hurt, harass, or otherwise distress others will not be tolerated.
  • Get Consent: Consent is mandatory. If you are unsure if your advances are welcome, ask first. For example, nudity has a time and place. That place is only after consent has been given. Unsolicited nudity won’t be tolerated on our platform. Get consent. Every time. We ask that you designate with a warning when a story is particularly graphic, sexual, or similar on a public channel with a NSFW “not safe for work”, Trigger Warning, Heads-Up.
  • Be Honest: We are a platform for building authentic relationships. We totally understand wanting to put your best foot forward. Pick your best photo, just make sure it’s a photo of you! Talk about your job you love, just be honest about your salary! It will set you up to go further and succeed on our platform.
  • Be Great in Person: This agreement doesn’t stop at your home button. Conduct that breaches our code during in-person meetups, or other contact can also be grounds for remediation.
  • Be Compassionate: Being kind, respectful, & empathetic is the foundation that will keep this community running smoothly and garner high value. We do not tolerate: bullying, doxxing, trolling, or hate speech. If uncertain, refrain from commenting; instead, please ask a community manager via DM.
  • Be Culturally Aware: Recognize that all people do not come from the same background or set of assumptions. Culture goes beyond ethnicity and may include gender culture, LGBTQ culture, generational culture and more; remain open to clarifying your statements, perspectives, or points of view.
  • Be Forgiving: This is the first app of its kind in the dating realm and mistakes will be made. Remain forgiving, be honest and direct in your feedback or advice, and give everyone the space to unlearn and readjust. We love to see members practicing level 3 growth: being brave, being vulnerable, and being authentic while also honoring each other’s boundaries. We understand that to adjust the status quo, we must be part of that shift toward harmony, honesty, and accountability.

The Don'ts

  • Personal Info: Don’t post your personal information, or anyone else’s. Things like your social security number, financial information, or passwords should never be shared here.
  • Violence: Don’t post violent content. Don't engage in violence on our platform or in person. This includes content that is gory, triggering or terroristic.
  • Hate Speech: We do not tolerate hate speech. Harassing people because of their membership in an oppressed group is grounds for serious intervention up to and including banning.
  • Sex Work: Sex work is not allowed on our application. Profiles that direct to outside apps, advertise services, or appear to facilitate trafficking or illegal sex work is a grounds for serious intervention up to and including banning.
  • Scamming: Fake accounts, phishing, solicitation, impersonation, catfishing, and other types of scams are strictly prohibited on this application.
  • Minors: You must be over 18 years of age to use this application. Also do not include photos of children on their own without an adult.


  • Hate Speech: Vitriol directed at someone on the basis of their identity or membership in a particular group.
  • Consent: Permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.
  • Catfishing: Presenting a false version of yourself online, either with fake or extremely doctored photos or fraudulent profile information, in order to lure someone into dating you. (This is why we verify!)

Enforcement Policy

Our enforcement policy was crafted in order to protect members like you. The purpose is to maintain safety and trust within the community and those you come into contact with offline. Imperfections are real and infractions happen. We understand that misspeaking, misunderstanding, and misperception can happen during the journey of love. Here is our breakdown of our enforcement policy:

  • Step One: A written warning detailing the infraction as well as why it’s unacceptable.
  • Step Two: A second infraction will result in removal from the community.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to report behavior, please attach a screenshot or direct link to the infraction and share with our team here:



Although it is our job to ensure that our app is inclusive and intolerant of hate speech, we also empower you to report any and all forms of harassment, violations, and abuse.

You can report users violating community guidelines directly from their profile page. You can also direct message a Keepler admin and moderator on the platform, or email us directly at:

User Feedback

As a community member and app user, you know what works best! We encourage you to provide feedback on which app features or tools work well, and which ones don’t via email, surveys, and direct message. You can also shake your phone while in the app to report bugs, share screenshots, and give feedback. We want to hear from you!

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