The mindful dater's guide to Scorpio compatibility
Paige Pichler
Illustrator: Jo Yeh
November 11, 2021

Perhaps the edgiest of the Water signs, Scorpio deals with all things shadow. What many people may find intense or a little dark is all part of this sign’s daily dealings. There’s a reason why Halloween takes place during Scorpio season—it’s the time to take a closer look at the darker areas we typically avoid and explore some societal taboos. Just like the deepest part of the ocean, Scorpio encompasses the unseen realms and the depths that many aren’t willing to travel to find the truth.

The Essence of Scorpio

Don’t let the intensity fool you! Scorpios love to have fun—they just crave more depth when it comes to commitment and their life experiences. People born between October 23rd and November 21st have their sun stationed in the sign that rules death, rebirth, profound emotions, and—perhaps the most charged—sex. As far as Scorpio compatibility goes, it’s important to navigate the twists and turns of this complex but seductive sign.Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio season often evokes serious transformation and reveals new information we need to become our truest selves. In ancient mythology, Pluto governed the underworld; today, this little planet brings intensity to various areas of our lives. Giving Scorpios their edge, Pluto also supports them as they journey through life looking beneath the surface, beyond what most people see. Herein lies one of this sign’s greatest gifts: comfort within discomfort. Scorpios often get a bad rap for being “over the top,” “too much,” or even mean-spirited. However, while some may find this sign’s directness unnerving, others can ride the wave with them to dive deeper into the details that others choose to ignore.

Understanding the Scorpio Sign

Like all Water signs, Scorpios can experience a lot of feelings and an affinity for spirituality. And, like their symbol the scorpion, a Scorpio’s sting can be piercing. Combined with its emotional prowess and depth, this sign also boasts intuitive properties like its fellow Water signs, Pisces and Cancer. Their depths spur their ability to connect, work with the unseen realms and provide a perspective that many may not readily consider. In light of all of this darkness, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Scorpios often seem mysterious. A trait that makes them alluring to prospective partners, their enigmatic nature can be a serious factor in Scorpio compatibility. Ruling over sex, this sign isn’t afraid to flirt, but you may not learn who they truly are right away. If you want to learn more about them, you’ll likely have to prove your loyalty first. Activities that bring out their lighter side like playing a board game or watching a funny movie can help them feel at ease when they’re getting to know someone new. In addition to Pluto’s influence, Mars also impacts the way Scorpios move through the world. This planet contributes to their determination, intensity, and willingness to fight for what they want. With all of this fire, it’s easy to wonder how Scorpios are considered a Water sign—but it’s this emotional power that gives them the ability to connect on a deeper level than most. Talking to a therapist can seriously benefit this sometimes-reclusive sign. Having an ally as they traverse the depths of their consciousness can help Scorpios feel more at peace with their intense emotions.

Scorpio Compatibility in Relationships

When it comes to starting a relationship with a Scorpio, these dark waters make for a passionate and all-encompassing romance. You’ll never have to worry whether or not they’re on your side; they’ll show you through their devotion and emotional support. Many Scorpios struggle with jealousy and possessiveness that can negatively impact their partnerships. Working through insecurity, setting healthy boundaries, and letting go of control can support them on their journey towards balanced, reciprocal relationships. Once you establish a sincere level of trust with your Scorpio partner, things can heat up quickly.Scorpios have a reputation for being a little crazy when it comes to romance, but it mainly stems from their fierce loyalty. When others don’t return their level of commitment, it can frustrate them to a point where they struggle to move forward. Known as having control-freak tendencies, this sign wants what it wants and isn’t afraid of a fight. In relationships, this can create some tension as they try to meddle in their partners’ lives. By identifying this issue early, they can work on establishing a greater level of trust and support within themselves before over-giving to others—a characteristic that often leads to resentment. To help quell their jealous tendencies, small gestures can go a long way. A note before you leave for work, buying them lunch on a busy day, or sending flowers while you’re out of town will make them feel seen and secure. Bottom line: Scorpios need attention to thrive, and they will likely return the effort tenfold.

Finding Happiness with Scorpio

Water signs are the caregivers of the Zodiac. When it comes to Scorpio compatibility, this is especially true. Taurus sits on the opposite side of the Zodiac wheel from this sign, helping balance out the watery intensity with grounded support. These two can work well together as long as one of them is willing to bend—both signs’ propensity for stubbornness often poses a hurdle for this combination. But Taurus’ ability to find the beauty in the physical world can help ground Scorpio’s voyages into the shadow world. Cancers also make great partners for Scorpios. They equally prioritize loyalty, understand intense emotions, and have intuitive dispositions. However, Scorpio’s sharp tongue can wound Cancer’s sensitive side, so they’ll need to create some boundaries around that intensity. In a similar vein, Pisces jives well with them as they also understand the emotional highs and lows. When planning the perfect date with your Scorpio flame, don’t forget that this sign loves intimacy. A dimly lit romantic dinner, a slow dancing session, or a night in a fancy hotel will win over a Scorpio in no time. A sign that’s all about finding new spots they love, you can also take them to a trendy bar, club, or restaurant to keep them guessing. Try a burlesque show to play to their sensual side and see how it translates in the bedroom. Keep in mind that Scorpios love control, so even asking them for a list of places they want to go, then surprising them, can give you the best of both worlds. Between their loyalty, emotional depths, and passion, Scorpios make fantastic partners for those who aren’t faint of heart. You’ll rarely find a more committed relationship than one with a Scorpio—just make sure you’re ready to meet them at their level of love.