Community Guidelines

To get the most out of this community, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:


You are the heart and soul of Keepler. Collective reciprocity and contribution are fundamental to the authenticity and quality of this growth-centered space. Show up for your community by being vulnerable and brave enough to share your unique talents, knowledge, life experiences, and words of wisdom. Follow through with open and respectful communication. Ask for help when you need it and give support when you can.


We expect all users to create a welcoming and inclusive environment. Content that is intended to harm, hurt, harass, or otherwise distress others will not be tolerated.


Consent is mandatory. If you are unsure if your advances are welcome, ask first. For example, nudity has a time and place. That place is only after consent has been given. Unsolicited nudity won’t be tolerated on our platform. Get consent. Every time. We ask that you designate with a warning when a story is particularly graphic, sexual, or similar on a public channel with a NSFW “not safe for work”, Trigger Warning, Heads-Up.


We are a platform for building authentic relationships. We totally understand wanting to put your best foot forward. Pick your best photo, just make sure it’s a photo of you! Talk about your job you love, just be honest about your salary! It will set you up to go further and succeed on our platform.


This agreement doesn’t stop at your home button. Conduct that breaches our code during in-person meetups, or other contact can also be grounds for remediation.


Being kind, respectful, & empathetic is the foundation that will keep this community running smoothly and garner high value. We do not tolerate: bullying, doxxing, trolling, or hate speech. If uncertain, refrain from commenting; instead, please ask a community manager via DM.


Recognize that all people do not come from the same background or set of assumptions. Culture goes beyond ethnicity and may include gender culture, LGBTQ culture, generational culture and more; remain open to clarifying your statements, perspectives, or points of view.



This is the first app of its kind in the dating realm and mistakes will be made. Remain forgiving, be honest and direct in your feedback or advice, and give everyone the space to unlearn and readjust. We love to see members practicing level 3 growth: being brave, being vulnerable, and being authentic while also honoring each other’s boundaries. We understand that to adjust the status quo, we must be part of that shift toward harmony, honesty, and accountability.

The Don'ts

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Personal Info and Impersonation

Violence and Illegal Activity

Hate Speech

Nudity/Sexual Content

Prostitution, Trafficking, and Sex Work

Scamming, Promotion, and Solicitation




Reporting: Although it is our job to ensure that our app is inclusive and intolerant of hate speech, we also empower you to report any and all forms of harassment, violations, and abuse.

You can report users violating community guidelines directly from their profile page. You can also direct message a Keepler admin and moderator on the platform, or email us directly at:

User Feedback: As a community member and app user, you know what works best! We encourage you to provide feedback on which app features or tools work well, and which ones don’t via email, surveys, and direct message. You can also shake your phone while in the app to report bugs, share screenshots, and give feedback. We want to hear from you!