The mindful dater's guide to Aquarius compatibility
Paige Pichler
February 3, 2022

The wild child of the zodiac, Aquarius likes to keep people guessing by doing things on its own terms. Technologically minded and quirky, people with this sun sign tend to struggle with detachment and aloofness. However, Aquarius’ innovative, collaborative mindset makes them a wonderful partner. Being able to work with their uniqueness rather than against it is the key to Aquarius compatibility.

The Essence of Aquarius

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet that brings shock, sudden change, electricity, and revolution. As such, people born between January 19th and February 18th can display eccentric, unconventional, and sometimes erratic tendencies. A few notable Aquarian celebrities include Paris Hilton, Harry Styles, and Oprah Winfrey–each of whom has certainly made an unmistakable mark of their own.Those with strong Aquarian aspects in their natal charts often see the world in a new, almost futuristic way with strong ideas for the collective. Furthermore, Aquarius also rules technology, so don’t be surprised if they know how to fix your TV faster than a repair pro—it’s in their blood! Symbolized by the water bearer, this sign brings new levels of consciousness to those around them and to humanity itself.A member of the Air sign family, Aquarians are constantly coming up with new ideas and chatting about ways to implement them. Another quintessential trait for this sign is its humanitarian streak. For instance, Princess Diana had an Aquarius moon, giving her a special affinity for the downtrodden; she helped transform the British monarchy into the modern iteration we know today. Those born under Aquarius care deeply about the state of the planet and creating a community in which everyone can thrive.

Understanding the Aquarius sign

Aquarius is a fixed Air sign—meaning that it sustains the energy of the season. In this case, the water bearer sustains the winter. When it comes to personality, this can lend itself to a stubborn streak and difficulty dealing with change. On the other hand, its fixed nature also gives Aquarians their devotion to various callings that stir their heartstrings and light them up. These are the changemakers of the zodiac—ready to march to the beat of their own drum and make the world a better place.Since the water bearer is all about the collective, Aquarians often feel more comfortable in groups or, conversely, they may struggle to fit in. When it comes to Aquarius compatibility, their partners should recognize their deep need for community and help them foster it in a healthy, sustainable way. With such a strong affinity for group consciousness and connection, Aquarians make excellent thought leaders with their constant stream of seemingly wacky but forward-thinking ideas.Aquarius relies heavily on its ruling element of air, giving it a strong connection to the cosmos. As such, this sign can struggle with staying fully present. To help stay grounded, Aquarians can benefit from watching a documentary that ignites their passions and keeps them in the moment. Practicing grounding techniques like walking, taking a break from technology, and journaling through their thoughts can help counteract their anxiety-prone nature as well.

Aquarius Compatibility in Relationships

Since this sign is known for its detachment, winning Aquarius over is no easy feat. Many Aquarians have a hard time with commitment and follow-through. However, if you stimulate their active minds, you may have an easier go of it than most. This sign is constantly moving around and switching things up, so their partners need to be able to go with the flow as well. Their romantic streak can be rather lacking, meaning they may show their affection in quirky ways rather than with traditional date nights and gifts.The key to Aquarius compatibility is giving them space. Some affectionately refer to the water bearers as space people, so remember to let them be themselves (no matter how wacky it may seem on the outside). Their partners should also remember that their aloofness is often part of their nature, and embracing it will make a big difference in relationship success. Essentially, Aquarius partners should be willing to work with their stubborn, cold side to reap the benefits of their visionary, humanitarian nature.Their affinity for all things out of the ordinary lends itself to a great, unplanned date night. Go downtown or to an under-the-radar area of your city, and let them choose where they want to go. Look for fun shops, restaurants, or attractions like museums for them to explore. Watch as they get ideas for their next project and their creative visions come to life. Comedy shows, magic performances, or anything community-centric will have them feeling the love as well.

Finding Happiness with Aquarius

Aquarius compatibility has everything to do with which signs can handle their cold but energetic demeanor. That means Water signs don’t usually mesh well with an Aquarian's detached ways. Since Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio dive deep with their emotions, dating an Aquarius can leave them feeling emotionally neglected. However, Scorpio is a fixed water sign and has a cold streak of its own. As such, this pairing can go the distance once they find common ground.On the other hand, Sagittarius’ freedom-seeking ways mesh well with Aquarius’ desire for independence. Fire and Air typically speak a similar language when it comes to affection as well—just don’t expect the traditional passion you may expect from the movies with an Aquarius. Capricorn’s practical nature also meshes well with this sign’s cool demeanor, but they will have to learn to flow with their Aquarian partner’s boundary-pushing nature. The biggest challenge to Aquarius compatibility comes from this sign’s quest for knowledge that sometimes makes them difficult to connect with in the long run.If you’re after an Aquarius partner, there’s usually no problem a round of video games can’t fix. These people love to explore technology, get lost in the future, and connect with large groups of people. Once you show them that you’re in their corner and have the ability to foster—rather than stifle—their airy ways, your relationship can ascend to new heights.Walk on the wild side with the water bearer.