The mindful dater's guide to Capricorn compatibility
Paige Pichler
January 13, 2022

Capricorn season helps us end each year in a grounded place and start a new one filled with determination and presence. Symbolized by the sea goat, this sign is all about climbing to the top of the mountain, never taking no for an answer. Capricorns can sometimes come across as cold due to their earthy, steadfast nature, but their ability to cut through the noise to find a viable way forward is a strength that many admire. When it comes to Capricorn compatibility, however, these go-getters need some help staying calm and centered through life’s ups and downs.

The Essence of Capricorn

Just like other Earth signs, Capricorn deals with the here and now. While we tend to view a strong focus on material things as superficial, this sign proves that it’s anything but. People born between December 22-January 20 have a strong sense of practicality about them; they like to know what’s going on and how it will help move them towards their goals. With this determination comes a deep sense of seriousness that can sometimes hamper their ability to connect socially.Capricorn rules our external persona, meaning that work, money, and career all fall into its purview. It’s fitting that New Year's resolutions fall during Capricorn season, as they generally center around the areas of self-improvement, long-held goals, and staying committed to a dream. (You can thank the sea goat for its influence here as well.) The Capricorn’s work-oriented and serious nature sometimes makes fitting in somewhat difficult. At times, Capricorn’s intense need for stability can come across as callous and pessimistic. Finding a balance between their emotional world and the material world can also pose challenges for this sign. Anxiety, feelings of unworthiness, and depression can sometimes result from this intensity.

Understanding the Capricorn sign

It should come as no surprise that Saturn—the planet that rules authority, structure, and money—also rules Capricorn season. Since this planet can make different areas of our lives feel confined or constricted, people born under this sign can struggle with letting loose and having fun. That said, there’s no one else you’d rather have in your corner when you’re in a jam. Quick on their feet and highly pragmatic, Caps are the ones you go to when you need help arranging your closet, getting a promotion at work, or applying for startup funding.With such a material-based persona, Capricorns do struggle with anxiety from overthinking. They often have a hard time getting out of their heads, thanks to their shrewd mental capacities. Being present and in their body can seem like a tall order, so physical practices that take concentration such as yoga, breathwork, or deep stretching can help soothe a Capricorn’s frayed nerves. Easing into a meditative practice with a focal point such as a mantra can also settle their repetitive thoughts. Furthermore, since Capricorns usually get an “A” for effort, finding an activity that’s lighthearted but engaging can be a helpful mindfulness practice for them as well. Things like putting together a puzzle or playing Scrabble help them channel all of their mental energy into something fun. Practicing gratitude and making a list of the things they like about themselves can also offset their tendency to be hard on themselves.

Capricorn compatibility in relationships

With so many quirks and a high level of intensity, Capricorns may appear somewhat difficult to read. If you’re interested in someone with this sun sign, ease into the joking and witty banter; it may take them a while to loosen up, especially with someone new in their circle. Instead, play into their seriousness in a way that makes you both feel comfortable. Eye contact, active listening, and giving them space will win them over. Capricorn compatibility has a lot to do with how well you can play to their practical side while still keeping things fresh. Plan a shopping trip to a store they love or spend time talking about the future; staying grounded and making plans are certainly part of their love language. Another idea would be to test out different coffee shops as a way to introduce them to their new favorite brew. Many Capricorns also love being around animals, as they help them settle into the moment and get in touch with their nurturing side. Schedule a date night at an animal shelter or cruise around your local zoo as a way to warm a Capricorn’s heart.A Capricorn partner will also likely give you undivided attention, helping you reach your goals. If you aren’t ready for a big step up in life, it may be best to avoid getting involved with this goal-oriented sign.

Finding happiness with Capricorn

Capricorn meets its suitable love match in Cancer, its opposing sign. Considered the mother and father of the Zodiac, Cancer-Capricorn couples balance out the emotional world with the physical. Cancer rules our internal experience while Capricorn handles our external persona; you need support in both to stay balanced. Even though Capricorn is an Earth sign, Cancer’s stable, loving presence can help them open up and feel safe enough to let their guard down. On the other hand, Cancer can get some much-needed masculine energy with a Capricorn in their lives. Other Earth signs (Virgo and Taurus) also make suitable love matches for Capricorn. They share a love of the finer things and luxury, and they know how to achieve their goals. However, sometimes too much Earth energy can bog things down, leaving them feeling stagnant in love and life. Be aware of these tendencies if you’re with a Capricorn. Any flightiness or unreliability will turn a Capricorn off quickly. Fire signs like Sagittarius and Leo can seem erratic and spacy to them, while Air signs like Aquarius and Gemini can make them feel even more anxious. Learning how to create a stable, loving environment is key to Capricorn compatibility. Don’t let the cold exterior fool you! Capricorns have a great capacity to share their love. Just take it slow—they don’t let just anyone in their world.