The mindful dater’s guide to Pisces compatibility
Paige Pichler
March 8, 2022

While the calendar year ends on December 31st, the astrological year ends with Pisces season (February 19-March 20). Coinciding with the end of winter, this season brings the astrological wheel to a close, helping us tie up loose ends with compassion. Two fish serve as the symbol for Pisces, signifying its spiritual and physical sides. As befits a sign without boundaries, those born during this season may struggle with them as well.

The Essence of Pisces

Sensitivity, emotional depth, and fluidity are generally noted as classic Piscean traits. Perhaps the softest of the Water signs, Pisces gets its nature from its ruling planet: Neptune. Named for the god of the sea, this planet makes everything feel as if it’s underwater, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. Naturally, people with this sun sign have similar dispositions. Imagine an incredibly misty beach early in the morning, where you can’t see where the water ends and where the horizon begins. This helps contextualize a Piscean energy that’s notoriously difficult to define. As a result of this enigma, Pisceans can struggle with boundaries and knowing who they truly are. On the other hand, this access to higher realms makes them remarkably creative. Those with a lot of strong Pisces placements in their charts often have an eye for photography and capturing the beauty that others may ignore.Since Pisceans spend a lot of time in the clouds and the spiritual realm, they tend to be soft and easily receptive to energies around them. They may struggle with loud noises, bright lights, or other intense physical stimuli. Since Pisces is so sensitive, its shadow side often comes in the form of addiction. In trying to find a way to numb themselves from the emotional intensity in their lives, they can quickly fall into harmful patterns. By understanding this natural inclination, Pisces can take care of their intuitive gifts in healthy ways rather than numbing with food, alcohol, drugs, or other substances.

Understanding The Pisces Sign

Pisces takes intuition to a new level. While the other Water signs—Scorpio and Cancer—both boast intuitive capabilities of their own, they don’t hold a candle to the spiritual prowess of the double fish. This sign traverses the channel between the seen and unseen realms—and that’s some powerful stuff. When it comes to Pisces compatibility, this characteristic is particularly important to keep in mind.Furthermore, compassion is this sign’s most valuable trait. Many times, people with a lot of Pisces in their charts end up adopting caretaker roles in life by going into nursing, childcare, or other areas in which they can care for the vulnerable. Always looking to help, Pisceans have a soft spot for those in need and provide excellent shoulders to cry on. However, they also need to make sure that they’re taking care of themselves; otherwise, they can quickly revert to playing the martyr.Due to their high sensitivity, Pisceans can benefit from spending time alone decompressing. Going on walks outside and sitting on the Earth helps to ground their ethereal nature. Of course, spending time near water will lighten some of their emotional burdens as well. Taking an Epsom salt bath is particularly healing for this sign, as the salt helps to draw out energies that aren’t really theirs in the first place.Practicing healthy energetic and physical boundaries is key to mindfulness for Pisces. Making sure to clear themselves after they’ve been around a lot of people or in stressful situations will help them stay centered in their empowered compassion. Pisces compatibility is all about supporting them throughout this process and providing a steady place for this watery sign to land.

Pisces Compatibility in Relationships

Defining a relationship with a Pisces may take some time since clear boundaries aren’t their strong suit. However, once you’ve created a safe space for them to show their creative side, expect them to come alive with new ideas and adventures for the two of you to experience. You may find yourself being pushed to new limits of compassion by your Pisces partner, or frequently visiting animal shelters, hospitals, or anywhere people need affection. By supporting their deeply loving side, you can provide the stability they need to keep embracing others without getting burnt out.When it comes to Pisces compatibility, generosity and a warm heart will get you quite far. They’ll likely have you exploring new horizons and digging deep to find empathy for nearly everyone in your life. If emotions aren’t your thing, you may want to rethink your motives, because this sign needs someone who can hold space for the depth of their feelings. On the other hand, it’s important to stay as grounded as possible, since Pisces can quickly get swept up in their emotions and lose sight of reality.Despite their issues with hypersensitivity, Pisceans make incredibly loving, nurturing partners. You may have to watch out for their tendencies to fall into victimization, but at their best, no one will support your emotions like this sign.

Finding Happiness with Pisces

Because of their intense sensitivity, Pisceans pair well with fellow Water signs such as Scorpio and Cancer. These duos can traverse the deep waters of the other realms together without question, taking care of each others’ emotions along the way. However, too much water can make it difficult to stay present and grounded. As such, Earth signs like Taurus and Virgo make good partners for watery Pisces. Taurus, with its empathetic, tactile side, offers a soothing antidote to the depth of this sign. Any Pisces partner will have to help them soothe the bruises they incur from being a sensitive soul in a harsh world. Sharp-tongued signs like Gemini and Aries can often come across as too rough for these gentle souls. Pairings such as these will have to adjust to make room for Pisces’ fluid nature.Pisces compatibility hinges on their partner’s ability to spend quality time with them. Date nights should be all about authentic connection. Pisces crave a strong spiritual connection, so don’t be surprised if they need energetic support from reiki healers, tarot card readers, and the like. Consider joining them during their morning meditation or taking a yoga class together. Anything that helps them relax and get creative can facilitate connection on a deeper level. Don’t let the softness fool you—Pisces’ emotional depth is immense. With creativity that abounds and compassion that knows no limits, these are the people that make the world a better place. If you’re lucky to land this elusive sign, don’t sleep on their sensitive grace.