Product Questions

I have some general feedback on the app. Where can I send it?
I have an idea for a new feature! How can I get in touch?
I found a bug! How can I tell you about it?
Is Keepler available on Android and iOS?
How do I access the Community?
Is this a dating or a relationship app?


If I cancel my membership, do you keep my information?
Will other users have access to my phone number and email address?

Phone, Email, and Selfie Verification

Why do you ask for my phone number and email address?


Can I change my profile?

Keepler Playbook

How can I get the most value out of Dating and Community?
Can I join the Community without Dating or vice versa?
How is Keepler different from other apps?
How does Keepler work?


Where in the world can users join Keepler from?
Is Community for dating, friendship, or what?


We’re hard at work finding the best dating coaches and relationship experts out there. We hope to release the coaching feature by late summer. Opt into updates from Keepler at — we can’t wait to share what we’ve been building with you!


Do you offer a lifetime membership?
I don’t need Dating any more. Can I still participate in Community?
Can I cancel my membership?


Can I see who has RSVPed to an event?
Where can I find out about events?


I haven’t seen my question listed here. Where can I go for more information?
How the Keepler app works?


Terms of service and use

Privacy Policy


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